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If it Floats Flies or Rolls!!! we will Steam clean and Protect your Investment with joy knowing we Research Buy and Apply the FInests Products on the Market, Using the Newest and Safest Techniques and Practices in the Detailing Industry, With pride we are Certified Detailers  

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VaporRino 145P.S.I. Steamer


                                                                      1) Dry or Wet Steam Upholstery Extraction capabilities!!!
 2) Hot Soap & Hot Water Injection 100% Adjustable at any PSI on demand!
 3) High Volume 145 PSI, 95% Dry Vapor Steam, 100% Adjustable any PSI!
 4) EZ Continuous Refill, dual tank Technology! Refill even while steaming!
* Industrial Power 95% Dry Super heated Vapor Steam Cleaner Output!
* Air cooled electronics for extreme durability! Stainless Steel Body
* Incredible 145 PSI / 10 Bar of Maximum Vapor Steam Power!
* Ultra portable, locking wheels, collapsible handle.
* Massive 50 pc. Accessory Kit INCLUDED Now!
* Integrated cart design, light weight heavy duty design
* 100% Adjustable Vapor Steam flow  
* 100% Adjustable Water & Soap Injection System at any PSI!
* Uses ONLY 1 to 5 GPH = Gallons Per Hour of water!
* Super Heated Steam Sanitizes as you clean!
* Available in 120 Volt version or
* Available in the turbo charged 230 Volt Version for max performance!
* 100% Generator Compatible for the mobile contractor &
 Automotive Detailer on the run!

 Most Common Uses...
* IDEAL FOR Mobile Automotive Detailing inside & out!
* Mobile Low Water use, Dry Car Wash Services
* Detailing in Service Bays & at Dealership Locations
* Cleaning in Factories, Food Processing Plants
* Sanitize - Kill Bedbugs, Lice, Bacteria & more
* JANITORIAL Services: Restrooms, Kitchens +
* Tile & Grout Cleaning & Restoration.  

Janitoral Work - Sanitize as you clean!

Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning

Sinks, Toilets, Mirrors, Urinals, Walls

Hotel Maintance - House Keeping

Cleaning Services

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Bubble Gum & Graffiti Removal

Remove Window Puddy & Old Wood Paint

Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaning

Sticker & Glue Removal

HVAC: Clean AC, Heat & Refrigeration Coils

And MUCH more!

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Carbonized Grease Removal

Killing Drain Flies / Bar Flies & Larva

Cleaning Soda & Beer Taps

Thawing & Cleaning Freezers

Cleaning & Sanitizing Refrigerators

Exhaust Hoods - Day to day Cleaning

Sanitizing Surfaces

Cleaning Machines & Equipment

Cleaning Greasy Deep Fryers

Clean Patrons Eating Area

Clean Restrooms

Steam is 100% eco friendly!
Cleaning Services
Resturants - Food Services
Pest Control & Biological Sanitation
Please note: NEVER EVER use steam on Humans, animals, or other creatures.
It is used to sanitize hard & soft surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, wood, and fabrics.

Help! What Can I use a                   Dry Vapor Steam System for?

Vapor Rino's 100% Green Commercial Steam Cleaner Technology has thousands of real world uses. Here are just a few...

Dry Car Wash (low water use)

Automotive Detailing

Upholstery (see video)

Boats / Marine / Air Craft Detailing

Indoor Car Wash - Dealerships

Motorcycle & Tractor Cleaning

Fleet Vehicle & Rental Cleaning

Low water eco friendly cleaning

Engine & Parts Cleaning

Tires, Glass, Rims, & Trim

AC Vent Cleaning - Tight Spaces

Remove Vinal Letters, Stickers & Road Tar

Kill Biological Contaminates & Deoderize

Bedbugs: Vapor Rino Steam Cleaners Kills Bed Bugs, Eggs & Larva on Contact!

Lice: Vapor Rino's Super Heated Steam Cleaners Kills Lice, Their Eggs & Larva on Contact!

Dust Mites: Vapor Rino's Super Heated Steam Cleaners Kills Dustmites, Their Eggs & Larva on Contact!

Flees: Vapor Rino's Super Heated Steam Kills Flees, Their Eggs & Larva on Contact!

Scabies: Vapor Rino's Super Heated Steam Kills Scabies, Their Eggs & Larva on Contact!

Ticks, Chiggers, Carpet Beatles  & Insects: All die rapidly or instantly when exposed to all natural, safe super heated steam

99.9+%: Steam kills 99.9% of bacteria, germs. Kill Staph, Salmonella, E. Coli and virtually all other pathogens when used right

Tight Spots: Steam can penetrate cracks and crevices like outlet covers, bolt holes and other places bedbug infestations can hide.

Bar & Drain Flies: Kill drain flies and their larva by super heating your drains with our drain fly cone or the steam nozzle and a towel cover.


Steam Cleaning with the VaporRino at Chris n Roberts Auto Spa.
Steam Cleaning with the VaporRino at Chris n Roberts Auto Spa.

Fire Glaze Products



RMP has made several improvements to the original Fire Glaze formulation by increasing the amount of Tempera-Flex® and UV inhibitors contained in the entire line of Fire Glaze products.

Our Fire Glaze polish product will provide protection for up to three years without any renewal application. Besides one coat lasting three years and protecting the vehicle from oxidation, Fire Glaze is a one-step product. There is no rubbing compound necessary on most vehicles. Fire Glaze will also protect against nature’s elements including UV.

To properly apply Fire Glaze, first, wash the vehicle with soap and water, and then dry the vehicle thoroughly. If mild oxidation exists, use Fire Glaze Micro Finishing Compound either by hand rubbing or with a machine buffer (Max rpm 1500) to remove all oxidized paint, etc). h. In either case, do not let it dry to a haze. You rub it in until it disappears. If the vehicle you are putting Fire Glaze on has a metallic paint that has faded or is too far gone, nothing will bring back the luster or gloss even if you use a rubbing compound. The reason why is that metallic paints before 1977 were not acrylic metallics. They were lead-based metallics with a lacquer coating. When the sun burns off the lacquer coating, all you have left is the lead. Any polish applied to lead will turn black. You just cannot polish lead. However, any acrylic metallic after 1977; any lacquered paint job before 1977; any enamel paint job before 1977; and any acrylic enamel before 1977 can have Fire Glaze applied. Fire Glaze will restore the color of the paint on any vehicle as long as the paint is still on the vehicle, and the primer is not showing through.

After you have used our Fire Glaze Micro Finishing Compound to remove old wax and oxidation and you have gotten the high gloss to appear on the vehicle, apply a coat of Fire Glaze, but this time rub it lightly until the high gloss shine reappears. Do the entire vehicle a section at a time and do not let the polish dry to a haze, just rub it until it shines. You should only apply Fire Glaze on a cool, dry surface, preferably in the shade.

Fire Glaze will also protect against salt, road tar, diesel fuel, gasoline, and even brake fluid. Fire Glaze has many uses. You can take a small amount of Fire Glaze and actually “seal” your windshield by rubbing the polish into the glass until it disappears. Do the inside and outside of the windows on your car, airplane, etc. Fire Glaze is so unique, it will effectively stop aluminum and brass from oxidizing. It will polish silver, gold, enamel (on major appliances, etc.). Its uses are limitless. Its protection cannot be beat by anything on the market to

What, Your Investment has not been Fire Glazed yet?
What, Your Investment has not been Fire Glazed yet?

303 products



When you love something, it shows. That’s why avid boaters, car enthusiasts and homeowners have turned to 303 protectants and cleaners for over 35 years. Because we know what that love entails: Slightly obsessive standards, meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering desire for time to stand still and let perfection last just a little longer.

We have it down to a science. Since 303 products were originally developed in 1980 to protect aircraft, we always start with a deep understanding of the natural forces working against your most prized possessions – whether it’s harmful UV rays, high-speed winds, water damage, or just the natural wear of time. Then we work to formulate the most effective solution possible.

Including our industry leading aerospace protectants, auto detailers and even household cleaners, our portfolio of premium products are all guided by the same philosophy: If it’s important enough for you to call it “your baby,” you had better treat it that way.  https://www.goldeagle.com/brands/303-products/ 



Tornador Blow Gun

 This Tornador Car Cleaning Air Gun is a great tool to use to blow out auto interiors to remove debris from underneath seats, pockets, rear shelfs above seats, etc. We also like this tool to assist with drying and dressing wet engines after power washing and detailing them. 

This tool offers a much wider air dispense opening. Very powerful once connected to an air compressor hose. Set air pressure at the regulator at 60-90 psi. Wear appropriate ear and eye protection when using this tool.  http://tornador.us/z-014-tornador-air-gun.html 

Tornador Blow Gun
Tornador Blow Gun

Buffpro polisher




April 24, 2019 By

The BuffPro Buffer is the best polishing buffer on the market because it serves as the only available electrically operated drum style buffer.

But what does that mean? First, let’s address how a traditional rotary design works. This will help showcase the advantages of BuffPro’s innovative method over other buffing systems.

Traditional Buffers
Traditional buffers utilize a rotary design with a gear drive. This means the auger, (the threaded part to which the backing plate attaches), is driven directly off the electric motor. This connection results in a very powerful rotating motion. When used by a novice, the power of a rotary buffer can remove paint in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, there are a few other cons that accompany traditional rotary polishing buffers. These include:

  • Hard to use These buffers are meant for professionals and require both skill and expertise to operate. If you use a rotary buffer and are not experienced in its use, you can easily apply too much pressure and burn right through the painted surface.
  • Time-Consuming and Swirls – If you're looking for like-new results, using a rotary polishing buffer simply means more work. You will have to go over an entire surface at least twice. The first time for removing defects, and a second time to remove any swirls left by the first pass. In fact, traditional rotary buffers can leave swirl marks, even when used carefully.
  • Tiresome and Uncomfortable – Using a rotary buffer requires a lot of upper body and back strength. Consider how fatigued a rotary buffer might leave you… and when you’re tired, costly mistakes may happen.


Imagine being able to complete a full buff and polish in up to half the time you spend now. Everything about BuffPro has been designed so that professional and amateurs get the best shine with the least time and effort.

The BuffPro Polishing Buffer:

  • Revolutionizes the manner in which surfaces are buffed and polished by changing the powered motion from a rotary rotation with a disc to an axial motion with a drum.
  • Removes swirl marks and RESTORES shine to motor vehicles and other polished surfaces. (It is literally impossible to make swirl marks with BuffPro.)
  • Creates better efficiency for its users by reducing buffing time by up to 50%
  • Minimizes splatters and is easy to use
  • Lowers costs associated with materials (uses less buffing compound and fewer pads) and professional labor (reduces training time)



Many professionals who use the BuffPro get ROI on the machine in only a few weeks. It is easy to train anyone on its use. Furthermore, hourly employees' time to buff is cut in half.

And as for novices and DIYers, they love the BuffPro polishing buffer. Even a complete amateur can do a professional polishing job the very first time.

Auto, RV, Marine, and Aviation detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike will appreciate the quality, craftsmanship, and performance of the BuffPro. See our instructional video here and get your own here today!

Filed Under: Automotive     https://buffpro.com/buff-pro/ 


Buffpro polisher
Buffpro polisher

buffpro results





Buffpro out Sines all the time

Buffpro shines again


Buffpro shines in half the time.


Polishing at it Finest.

Cyclo Toolmakers

Cyclo Dual head Orbitle Polisher

 Cyclo Orbital Polisher & AccessoriesThe Cyclo Polisher is the world’s premier orbital polisher for one reason: it’s the only polisher with patented dual orbital heads! The Cyclo Polisher received the patent on their design in 1953 and quickly became the U.S. government’s choice for polishing military aircraft and missiles. Why? Because two heads are better than one!

The two heads of the Cyclo Polisher move in an overlapping, circular motion. The heads are designed to mimic the motion of hand polishing, but much faster. Both heads spin counter-clockwise and produce an overlapping effect. The design eliminates the problem of overheating so there’s less risk of gouges, burns, or swirls. In addition, the Cyclo Polisher is perfectly balanced for a perfect polish every time.

Some 50-year-old Cyclos are still in use today! Not only are they built to last indefinitely, people see no need to replace them. For polishing, compounding, sanding, stripping, scrubbing, and buffing, there’s only one Cyclo Polisher!  https://cyclotoolmakers.com/polishers/ 


Cyclo polisher Results

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The before and after using the Cyclo Dual Headed Buffer.



The Before use of dual headed Buffer  Picture



The after use of Cyclo Dual  Headed Buffer.